Introduction | Robot Construction | Microcontrollers | Sensors and Actuators | Programming Logic | Simple Algorithms

About The Course

Week 1: Introduction to Robotics

  • Understanding what robotics is and its applications in various fields
  • Introduction to basic robot components: motors, sensors, and microcontrollers
  • Exploring different types of robots and their functionalities

Week 2: Robot Construction

  • Basics of robot assembly and construction
  • Introduction to robot kits and their components
  • Hands-on activity: assembling a simple robot from a kit

Week 3: Introduction to Microcontrollers

  • Understanding microcontrollers and their role in robotics
  • Basics of microcontroller programming using block-based programming languages
  • Programming simple tasks such as motor control and sensor interaction

Week 4: Sensors and Actuators

  • Introduction to sensors and actuators used in robotics
  • Understanding different types of sensors: light, sound, proximity, etc.
  • Hands-on activities: integrating sensors and actuators into robot projects

Week 5: Programming Logic for Robotics

  • Introduction to programming logic: sequences, loops, and conditionals
  • Writing simple programs to control robot movements and responses
  • Solving basic robotic challenges through programming

Week 6: Robot Challenges and Projects

  • Engaging in hands-on robot challenges and projects
  • Applying knowledge gained in previous weeks to solve real-world problems
  • Encouraging creativity and experimentation in robot design and programming

Week 7: Introduction to Simple Algorithms

  • Understanding algorithms and their importance in robotics
  • Introduction to basic algorithms such as line-following and obstacle avoidance
  • Implementing algorithms in robot programming

Week 8: Final Project

  • Culminating project to showcase skills learned throughout the course
  • Students will work on a small robotics project that integrates various concepts covered in the course
  • Presentation of projects and feedback session
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